Get the full view on your mental health.

Get the full view on your mental health.

We get the full view of your mental health so we can give you a personalized treatment plan that best fits your life. The following steps help us get an accurate diagnosis, giving you the right treatment. Our qualified and experienced staff will help you every step of the way.


Referral and Meeting

  • STEP 1: Family Physician Referral

    Before starting the process with our team, we must receive a referral from a healthcare professional. Our staff will appropriately assess your needs and contact you to set up a consultation.

  • STEP 2: Intake

    At your scheduled assessment, you may be required to complete our diagnostic intake forms. The forms give our team an accurate account of your mental health needs. It allows us to have a productive and efficient consultation. We will utilize the info collected on the forms to assist your diagnosis and develop your treatment plan.

  • STEP 3: Diagnosis and Treatment Plan

    Initially, the clinical assistant will gather important information about your mental health and administer the diagnostic intake forms. Subsequently, you will be seen by the psychiatrist who will determine an appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan to meet your goals and fit your life.

  • STEP 4: Follow Up

    After your initial consultation, you may have a follow up with one of our physicians or psychiatrists. Any following appointments will be outlined in your treatment plan. Your treatment plan will have a unique timeline. At consultation, we will discuss all follow up appointments to ensure you see a full recovery.


A Personalized Treatment Plan